Hormel Foods Creates Employee Children College Scholarship Program

Hormel Foods announced that beginning in 2021, it will now offer two years of free college tuition to all the children of their American employees called “Inspired Pathways.”

The free two-year college tuition program will not be based on GPA or standardized test scores. Instead, the purpose of the program is to help promote equity in education admissions.

Currently, Hormel Foods employs approximately 16,000 people in the United States.  Based primarily in the Midwest, Hormel Foods has more than 30 plant and office locations throughout the country.

The program will allow dependents of employees to attend any community college of their choice tuition free as long as they graduate from high school.

According to company President and CEO, Jim Snee, “When you think about how a college education can change lives and start a ripple effect that will be felt for generations, that’s the change-maker Hormel Foods wants to be.”

Building on a similar Hormel Foundation program that allowed students from Austin, Minnesota, where the company is headquartered, to attend Riverland Community College free of charge, “Inspired Pathways” expands the scope of Hormel’s impact nationwide.

Commenting on the impact of the Hormel Foundation’s program in Austine, Austin Public Schools Superintendent David Kranz said it was instrumental in getting students into college who might not have gone otherwise.

Additionally, Hormel Foods will be investing in raising company awareness about the program to help support and hopes that first generation college students will take advantage.  Currently, the company already offers tuition reimbursement for current employees who return to school while working at Hormel Foods.

Source: Good News Network