Homeless Won’t Have to Sleep Outside

Seeking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and address homelessness, the Oxford City Council has procured 124 interim housing units for homeless persons through the end of the year.

City council announced last week they had reached a deal with the student housing provider A2Dominion, to lease Canterbury House thru July 2021. Additionally, council has extended its lease on a youth hostel run by a local nonprofit.

Working closely with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Oxford City Council has applied for funding from the £105 million of government funding that was made available in June.

Councillor Mike Rowley said, “The lockdown period gave us a unique opportunity to engage with people in emergency accommodation. For many of them, the certainty of a safe bed gave the bit of stability they needed to start having conversations about leaving the streets behind for good. We’ve already helped 76 people to move on into more sustainable housing, and this is something we want to keep doing.”

The additions of Canterbury House and the YHA will provide more than 100 rooms of temporary housing as a to help persons during the pandemic.  Additionally, these accommodations will give city council the ability to house homeless persons even after pandemic especially during the cold winter months.  

To date the city of Oxford has housed 203 people in hotels and student dormitories throughout the city to be in compliance with government mandates during the lockdowns.

Source: Good News Network