High School Quarterback Reunited with Brother

Florida’s Eustis High School star quarterback Blayne Romano says he learned everything about football from his older brother Tanner Romano. Tanner quarterbacked at Eustis High however after sustaining an injury and becoming unable to play, Tanner took the time to mentor Blayne and develop his brother into the player that he is today.

Blayne recalled, “I was struggling at the beginning. I was wanting to quit. I’m very hard on myself, so he helped me so much.”

Upon graduating, Tanner enlisted in the United States Air Force and was stationed in Oklahoma. At the same time, Tanner was becoming a star athlete in his Florida Varsity Division, even gaining the notice of top college programs as one of the nation’s top recruits.

However, despite his many accolades, what Blayne really wanted was an opportunity to spend more time with his brother. When Tanner was finally able to visit home, he decided to give his younger brother the surprise of his life.