Healthcare Workers Brave Blizzard to Provide Vaccines

Recent snowstorms in the Pacific Northwest have created delays in the implementation of the state of Oregon’s COVID vaccine rollout. As demand for COVID vaccines surges globally, some healthcare workers in Oregon were committed to ensure that their vaccines would not go to waste.

As part of a statewide vaccine rollout plan that took crews across the state, Josephine County Public Health Director, Michael Weber and his team have been crisscrossing the county to deliver vaccines. One evening while traveling back to Grants Pass, Oregon with six vaccine doses leftover, the crew got stuck in a snowstorm. Realizing that the vaccines would expire in 6 hours, the healthcare workers braved the cold and began walking car to car looking for people eager to receive the shots.

Weber told The Washington Post. “I decided to start going door-to-door, car-to-car, offering the vaccine.” An ambulance was also present and ready to treat anyone in the rare case of an allergic reaction.

Weber and four team members carried pre-filled hypodermics, medical supplies, and an umbrella began canvassing motorists for likely candidates. Within less than an hour, all the remaining doses had been distributed.

One recipient was so elated at the opportunity, he jumped out of his vehicle and stripped off his shirt in the blizzard to receive his vaccine.

Additionally, the recipient of the crew’s last dose was a woman who had missed her scheduled appointment that same day to receive her vaccine. She was elated.

Weber said, “I can’t imagine a better way to spend four hours stuck in a snowstorm.”

Source: The Washington Post