Health Workers Saves Man at 007 Screening

Malcolm and his wife Jacky. Source: Sheffield Telegraph

Cinematographer Samantha Slater of Huddersfield, United Kingdom never thought that a trip to the movies would result in her becoming a hero.

A 20-year career as a support worker, during a screening of the new 007 film Slater, noticed a gentleman had collapsed. The gentleman, Malcolm Clarke, 81, of Bournemouth was visiting Sheffield on Saturday, October 2, when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

Samantha ran over to where Malcolm collapsed and was soon joined by three other healthcare workers.

Samantha said she felt as though it was ‘fate,’ as she was not meant to be at that cinema.

Initially, according to Samantha, “I wasn’t actually planning on going and we were just at the cinema by chance as we were going to a different cinema, but they changed it to this one at the last minute, so it almost felt like fate.

“The movie was just about to start. Malcolm was sitting in the same row as us when one of the family members rushed through the aisle and we thought that was a bit strange. Next thing I knew somebody shouted for help.”

Defaulting to her years of CPR training, Samantha went into ‘auto pilot’ to save Malcolm.

“It was really quite unexpected and I thought it was surreal to be involved in it. I’ve been struggling to sleep thinking about it… I am so pleased I overcame these in the moment for the sake of helping save a life,” she said.

“Another woman, I think she was a paediatric nurse, helped with the breathing and I was counting the compressions. It was just a bit of a whirlwind really.

“It’s just incredible everybody responded so quickly, and fortunately Malcolm is OK so I am so happy,” said Samantha

Malcolm’s son in law, Andrew Wileman, also provided a wonderful update. He said Malcolm was already sitting up and ‘talking and meeting with the doctors’ on Monday morning.

Andrew said, “He is having a procedure done for his heart and he is stable and talking. He’s been able to receive visits from the family so he’s been quite well, thank you.”

Source: Sheffield Telegraph