Grandparents Use Polar Bear Costume to Hug Grandchildren

As pandemic practices like social distancing, mask wearing, and less traveling become a normal part of our daily routines, families have had to find some creative ways to connect.

Initially, Barbara and Clive Walshaw had initially planned to spend Christmas with their family via Zoom. However, after more than 9-months of not being able to hug their grandchildren, Barbara came up with an ingenuous idea – inflatable polar bear costumes.

The inspiration for the idea emerged when Barbara was doing some Christmas shopping online and had an epiphany that she could wear the inflatable costumes to hug her grandsons Quinn, six, Morgan, eight, and Mackenzie, 14, that would keep everyone safe.

Describing her purchase of the polar bear costumes, Barbara said it was the “best £15 she’d ever spent.”

“It was really hard on all of the boys,” says Barbara. “We normally spend Christmas day with them and we wondered what we were going to do with all that’s been going on.”

At around noon on Christmas Day, Neil Walshaw, Barbara and Clive’s son, and his wife Hazel, told their three boys that they had heard reports of polar bear activity in the area at their home in Kirkstall, Leeds.

When the children went to investigate, they spotted their grandparents bouncing hysterically in the massive costumes. They enjoyed big hugs while being protected by the 6-foot costumes.

Neil described the moment for his boys as a memory they would “never forget”.

“They are the best grandparents in Leeds. They’re simply fantastic.”

Source: Good News Network