Gospel Hip-Hop Artist Works to Break Mental Health Stigma

Nigel “Legin” Anderson Source: Baptist Press

Gospel hip-hop artist Nigel “Legin” Anderson is using his experience in counseling to help others combat mental health challenges. Anderson, an ordained preacher in the South Baptist Convention, began counseling to help cope with decades-long pain stemming from not having his father actively engaged in his life, his grandmother’s death, racial divisions in the United States, and COVID-19 fatigue.

Overwhelmed, the 36-year-old husband and father of two children said, “I actually started going to counseling … just to deal with some issues of fatherless and some trauma that I had. And I found it immensely helpful in seeing the barriers I had to believing just how much God actually loves me.”

Known by the stage name “Legin” — Nigel in reverse – is a play of the story of Jesus casting the legion of demons (Mark 5:1-17) intended to showcase God’s redemptive work in his life.

Inspired by his experiences in therapy, Legin kicked off his Good Enuf virtual concert series on March 16, prayerful that his theme would remind people that in the sight of God they are “good enough.”

One of the unique features of Legin’s performances on the virtual tour is that he is joined onstage by his counselor for unscripted mini-sessions on topics such as fatherhood and racial reconciliation.

“I think one thing I’ve learned is that transparency is the best connector,” he said, “and when you’re open and transparent, people have a tendency to trust you, and then if they trust you, they can listen to what you have to say.”

With depression rates rising globally caused by the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, Legin’s effort to break the stigma around mental illness is part of an intentional effort by church leaders in many places to encourage communities to seek assistance with mental health related issues.

Additionally, Legin hopes to raise money through the Good Enuf concert series that he can help cover the costs of persons grappling with mental illness that may not be able to due to financial hardship.

Legin remarked in an interview, “This is Gospel-centered encouragement to trust Jesus and get counseling if you need it, because we need to save lives.”

To learn more about Legin’s ministry or obtain your tickets for the Good Enuf virtual conference series please visit the website of Crossroads Church in Norfolk, Va., where he serves as co-senior pastor. https://crcnorfolk.com/

Source: Baptist Press