Google Creates New Program to Help Prevent Food Waste

Project Delta X

Google has created a new program designed to simplify the process that allows farmers to connect with food distributors and commercial kitchens to limit waste and distribute excess food supplies to food banks that need it.

Google’s Project Delta is a machine learning program software that uses an algorithm to assist food distributors when they have excess supplies to locate local food banks..

Despite assertions by some that having too much food is “a good problem to have,” there is nothing good about too much waste.

Studies have shown that most of the issues that lead to waste are linked to the supply chain caused primarily by buyers trying to estimate how many units of foodstuffs they will actually need and can sell.

Likewise, farmers also try to gage how much buyers will purchase and grow food accordingly. This cycle of guesstimation leads to uncertainty and that fuels overproduction. In the United States alone, this culminates in wasting 30-40% of all food produced or imported.

Adele Peters with Fast Company covers Google innovation and writes, “There’s no simple way for food suppliers to let food banks know what they have available, or for food banks or pantries to communicate what they need.”

Through Project Delta, Google is working to change that and feed hungry communities around the globe.

Source: Good News Network