Going the Extra Mile

In an act that literally went the proverbial extra mile, Bellevue High School senior Brandon Schutt demonstrated that sportsmanship is more important than winning.

During a Nebraska cross-country meet last month Brandon stopped to assist runner Blake Cerveny, from Burke High School in Omaha, Nebraska,  who had collapsed just short of the finish line. Rather than simply running past Blake, Brandon stopped and picked up his fallen competitor and helped pull him across the finish line. Brandon’s selfless actions resulted in him finishing lower in the state’s cross-country rankings.

However, Brandon’s sportsmanship has increased his character rankings in the eyes of his peers.

“That’s happened to me before,” Schutt told NewsNation Prime. “A month prior to that, I was running a race. I had 100 meters to go and I just collapsed at the end. So I know how it feels. When I saw him on the ground, I knew what I had to do: I picked him up and did whatever it took to get him to the finish line.”

Film of Brandon’s kindness drew media attention that went viral on social media.

Brandon said, “My teammates, we actually went to play Frisbee right after it happened and it just started to blow up while we were playing Frisbee. So we went to go check my phone and it was all over Twitter. That was really cool.

“The next day, pretty much all my teachers talked to me about it in front of class. It was pretty cool.”

However, Brandon’s ultimate take away from this experience is in his own work, “Even if it’s an individual sport, you’re still in this together with your teammates and your opponents.”

Source: News Nation