‘God saved me’: Tornado survivors getting a helping hand

A new FEMA disaster recovery center just opened in West Milton, Ohio.

A month ago a tornado blew through John Brewster’s home just outside Ludlow Falls.

On Friday he said he’s lucky to be alive.


“I thought I was going to die, I threw my hands over my head and God saved me.”


“I thought I was going to die, I threw my hands over my head and God saved me,” Brewster said.

On Friday he said he’s also lucky to have help by his side.

Heather Bland with the Laura and West Milton Disaster Relief group convinced him to stop by the FEMA disaster recovery center in West Milton.

“She talked me into it, she said common John let’s get in the car, there’s air conditioning, and I really needed to come,” Brewster said.

He’s glad she did.

“There are so many misconceptions about FEMA and the SBA and the help that they provide,” said Heather Bland.

To clarify FEMA Spokesman Gerard Hammink said one option for storm survivors is a low interest disaster recovery loan.

The loans are administered through the Small Business Administration, a separate agency loaning to businesses, residents, and renters.

Then there’s FEMA which gives out grants people don’t have to pay back.

“FEMA just gives out grants, anything from FEMA is a grant,” Hammink said

Brewster said he applied for much needed grants through FEMA and happy he did.

“I advise anyone that has any damage, any problems from the disaster to come out and come here,” he said.

Source: FOX45