Georgia Mom Advocates for Organ Donations

Georgia mom is helping to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. Susan Carlisle May of Cartersville, Georgia has made it her mission to sign people up to be organ donors.

Despite a new donor being added to the transplant list every 10 minutes, the lack of donors still results in thousands of deaths annually. May said, “But one person donating their organs can save up to seven people’s lives. You can’t do anything with those organs when you have passed away, so give the gift of life because it truly is a gift.”

In her memoir Nick’s New Heart: 30 Years and Counting, May writes about her experience as the mother of a transplant survivor. Her narrative illustrates the challenges her son, Nick May, now thirty, faced at multiple stages of life when he had to receive transplants for life threatening disorders. 

The first of these surgeries occurred when Nick was just five days old and the doctors realized that he was missing a chamber in his heart. Later, her son had to have another surgery before turning nineteen in response to an  aneurism.

“My walk with God is closer than what I had before. My faith became stronger because of all this,” she said.As a parent of a transplant survivor, May encourages everyone if they are not already a donor to become one. It’s a small step but saves lives. To learn more about you can become an organ donor, please visit

Source: Baptist News