Gas Station Cuts Prices to Help Customers

Source: KOB 4

One Albuquerque gas station is charging less than three bucks per gallon to help people in the midst of surging gas prices.

On Saturday, from 10 a.m. until noon, a gallon of gas at Chronic Kings dispensary and gas station – located at Lomas and Arno Street – will cost people $2.38.

“It’s mainly just to give back to the people and try to help them out just for a few hours,” says Chronic Kings CEO Dominic Holguin. He expects hundreds to show up and with 5,000 gallons of gas available, there should be enough. “We are hoping the whole city shows up.”

At the same time, many in the Duke City are ditching their car altogether, choosing to switch to two wheels instead.

“Not everyone can buy a Tesla, but everyone can afford an electric bike,” says Duane Kinsley, the owner of Sports Systems in Albuquerque.

Kinsley said for the last few months, his shops have sold several electric bikes every single day to beginners and avid riders.

“Electric bikes are just going off,” Kinsley said. “In fact, over half of all of our sales have been electric bikes.”

Kinsley said he hasn’t seen sales like this since COVID-19 hit and strict restrictions were in place. This electric bike boom is expected to continue to climb until gas prices go down.

Albuquerque drivers are currently paying around $4.43 per gallon. Farmington drivers are paying an average of $4.94 a gallon, and Santa Fe drivers are paying around $4.57 a gallon.

According to AAA, the price for regular unleaded gas in New Mexico has dropped about 12 cents since just last Friday – mostly because of the recent drop in crude oil prices.

Source: KOB 4