‘Fuller House’ star explains how faith fuels her daily life

During the Teen Choice Awards earlier this month, Candace Cameron Bure was shouting to her “Fuller House” castmate John Stamos backstage. But she wasn’t calling him “John.”

“I was screaming ‘Uncle Jesse!’ ‘Uncle Jesse!’ I could tell he didn’t want to look over. And then he finally did and he’s like, ‘Oh it’s my niece!’” Cameron Bure tells Fox News.

The actress, known to many as D.J. Tanner since 1987, says that this type of behavior is not unusual for the “Full House” cast.


“We’re Christians. The Bible means everything to me. So church is an important part of our lives and our family values that are based in our faith.”


“We call each other by character names all the time. We’ve been these characters for over 30 years so it’s like interchangeable — our character name or our real name,” Cameron Bure, 43, revealed.

And it gets even more adorable than that. The star says that while filming “Fuller House,” the cast meets for coffee at the Starbucks on the Warner Bros. lot. And when they give the baristas the name for their order, they use their screen names as well.

“We say our character names. It’s totally dorky, but it makes us giggle,” Cameron Bure explains adding: “They only write our character names on our Starbucks cups.”

It’s no secret that the “Full House” gang has remained tight since the show’s 1987 premiere. And while some things haven’t changed, like the fact that Uncle Jesse still has a pretty fabulous head of hair, there have been many new developments in the actors’ lives, including Stamos recently becoming a father.

Cameron Bure, who calls her co-star “a wonderful dad,” says he picked up his parenting skills on the “Full House” set.

“He was always great with the kids on the show and even when we were young and playing his nieces,” she explained.

Cameron Bure, who has been acting from an early age, went on to say that she’s thrilled to see her 21-year-old daughter, Natasha, following in her footsteps. And she’s doing her best to help guide Natasha through the temptations of Hollywood.

“We’re Christians. The Bible means everything to me. So church is an important part of our lives and our family values that are based in our faith,” says Cameron Bure of the faith-based foundation she’s set up for her three children.

Candace Cameron Bure was born and raised in Los Angeles, has been in the entertainment industry since she was 5, and has been proud to have been able to adhere to her values throughout her own acting journey.

“You can navigate through it and you can come out okay,” she noted, adding that she’s done her best to watch over her kids as they’ve chosen their careers and to remind them that she’s always there to help them.

“They’ve all got a good head on their shoulders and my husband [former NHL player Valeri Bure] and I tried to be the most invested and intentional parents we could and now it’s up to them to make their own choices,” she explained.

Cameron Bure would definitely be supportive if her other two children — sons Maksim, 17, and Lev, 19 — caught the acting bug, however, she says that they have zero interest.

“They think it’s incredibly boring, the entertainment industry, which I don’t disagree with if you don’t have a passion for it,” she admitted.

Source: FOX News