Former Addict Finds Grace in Church

Source: Baptist Press

Feeling isolated and alone in his jail cell, on July 4, 2013 John Draxinger made a life changing decision to attend bible study being held at the correctional institution.

There, he heard the facilitator say something that forever changed his life, “Would God put somebody on this earth to be nothing but a drug addict and to die in that sin?”

Stunned Draxinger began to imagine there is a life beyond addiction and his Hepatitis C, contracted during his more than 10 years of heroin and opioid abuse.

Upon being released, Draxinger begged to be accepted into a Christian drug rehabilitation facility hoping it would help turn his life around. Applying multiple times to the Men’s Care Center of First Baptist Church of Leesburg, a residential drug, when finally accepted he was elated.

“When I got out (of jail) in November I already had five months where I felt like God was trying to move in my life and do something in my life. I just knew that I couldn’t go to a secular rehab,” Draxinger said. “I’ve had a lot of attempts to try and get clean in my life.”

Carrying his Bible with him most places, Draxinger credits the gospel with helping him understand that there is life beyond addiction and Hepatitis C.

He said, “It was, I felt like, one of the first answers to prayer in my life, and it was enough for me to commit and surrender to God, and trust that He would do what He needed to do to get me wherever He wanted to have me.” Transformed by the gospel, today, Draxinger leads Samaritan Inn, the Christian Care Center’s (CCC) housing ministry for homeless men and serves as the middle school teaching pastor of First Leesburg’s downtown campus.

Source: Baptist Press