Firefighters step in and answer woman’s prayers

Sometimes, a little act of kindness can go a long way.

A Utah woman was more than grateful when a local firefighter stopped by her home and helped her finish mowing her lawn late last month.


“As soon ask we asked, she broke down and said she had been praying someone would help her.”


Orem Fire Department shared a story on Facebook from Acting Capt. and Battalion Chief Brandon Valley on July 22, complimenting one of his own men going out of his way to help a woman with her gardening after clearing a call.

According to Valley, he and his engineer Brandon Prestwich were walking back to their truck after clearing a call when they noticed a woman leaning on her lawnmower and looking very tired. Having a feeling that something wasn’t right, the two firefighters went over to her and asked if they could help her finish mowing her lawn.

“As soon ask we asked, she broke down and said she had been praying someone would help her,” stated Valley.

According to Valley, the woman just had her license taken away and was feeling overwhelmed with taking care of her home. She told the firefighters that she worked for BYU for years before getting some health problems. Valley wrote that she had two heart valves replaced, but it didn’t stop her from doing what she loved: gardening.

So, the two firefighters helped the woman finish her lawn, thankful for having the opportunity to meet her. Valley also stated that he was thankful for Prestwich’s positive attitude and strong work ethic when it came to helping the woman.

“He’s always willing to do the right thing for the right reason,” he stated about his engineer’s character.

Valley added that the story served as a reminder to remember the elderly members of your community, especially those who are widows.

“If you take the time to get to know them, it can be a great experience,” Valley stated.

Source: KUTV