Fifth Grader Texas Working to Raise 100,000 Meals for Thanksgiving

Orion Jean Source: Good News Network

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches, individuals, and non-profits have been responding to unique needs in their communities by creating masks, providing meals, and assisting seniors learn new technologies.

North Texas 5th-grader Orion Jean is no different.  His goal is to donate 100,000 meals to persons in need by Thanksgiving.

Jean told CNN, “I’m asking everyone to join me in a race to kindness. This has been a rough year for everybody, and now it’s more important than ever to show support and love to anyone who needs it.”

Currently, drop off stations are available everywhere from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas.  Some of the most common items being donated include cases of water, fruit, tuna pouches, applesauce cups, and granola bars.

Familiar with the world of nonprofits and charity work, Orion took first place in the Think Kindness National Speech Contest. “The question,” he noted in his winning entry, “is how can kindness change a nation?”

Orion’s answer: “The difficult situations impacting our world has shown us that kindness is more important now than ever before. We’ve heard about the families hurting from this pandemic; the communities suffering injustice, and the people being OVER virtual learning… We could really use a big hug right now. And that’s just it. Kindness is like spreading hugs around the world to those who need it and those who might not even know they need it.

“The acts could be something small, but in the end, make a big difference to the person receiving it.”

Orion used the $500 first-prize award to support the Race to 500 Toys Drive where he organized to help collect hundreds of toy donations and distribute them to children in hospitals across the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. That was only the beginning.

Remarking on this latest project, Orion said, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” So instead of striving to collect 4,000 meals, he now wants to collect 100,000.

Orion believes he can be successful as long as he keeps a positive attitude and continues to live by the philosophy, “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Source: Good News Network