Family United With Dog After Two Years

A Wisconsin family was reunited with their dog after recognizing their puppy on the local nightly.

During a feature of the Milwaukee Fox affiliate, Dwight and Melissa, who normally don’t watch the news, to their surprise saw the dog he had adopted for his then elementary school daughter.

The story showcased the Wisconsin Humane Society “Adopt-a-Pet” program. Recognizing their dog’s adorable underbite, Dwight was elated. He said that it “only took one glance at the picture” for him to immediately recognize his family’s dog, named Payday, who went missing two years ago.  

According to the Wisconsin Humane Society, Dwight informed them that he is not an avid viewer of the news. They said Dwight described how he “normally turns off his TV every night, but must have left it on by accident – or perhaps thanks to fate.”

After seeing the story, Dwight contacted the news station, who put them in contact with the Humane Society. Dwight’s wife, Melissa can be heard crying out “my baby, my baby” as Payday wiggles and licks her. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society said, “We are beyond ecstatic for this amazing family to finally be whole again.”

Source: USA Today