Experience Watch Night Service This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year. Christmas is in the air. New Year’s on the horizon. Children are breaking from school for the holidays. Families are gathering and parents are buying last minute gifts to ensure stockings are stuffed, bellies are full, and Christmases will be merry for all.

As one of the few holidays celebrated around the globe by many different cultures, Christmas also has the unique distinction of happening in close proximity to another holiday, New Year’s Day. 

For many families, bringing in the new year will look different because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Family gatherings may not be as large. More events are happening virtually and cool masks have become for many an essential wardrobe piece. Against this backdrop reminding ourselves the real reason for the Christmas season is the commercialism of gift giving but the celebration of Christ entering the world to save humanity.

This holiday season congregations are gathering on New Year’s Eve to watch night services to celebrate God’s gifts received in 2021 and lean into new possibilities. With many congregations operating in virtual, hybrid, and in-person forms, participating in this tradition has never been easier.

Like virtual churching during the pandemic, you can tune into your favorite ministries YouTube channels or virtual campus to experience amazing worship music, powerful preaching, and life changing prayers. If you’re close enough to a congregation having a service, get engaged. They would love to see you.

The beauty of the body of Christ is that as one family, we are many members but one part. In countries like the United States, New Year’s Eve watch night services tend to be traditions celebrated by predominantly African American congregations, however, don’t be afraid to get involved, worship is for everyone.

Reaching out to others is what makes the church amazing and connects us with Christ. Don’t be afraid to experience God in a new way.

The church is at its best when we see beyond difference and celebrate the collective work of God in community not just within ourselves. This year watch night services will give us an opportunity to do just that: worship God as one body celebrating the hope we welcome at Christmas in the form of the Christ pressing into the possibilities of a new year.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.