Eagle Scouts Rescue Woman From Flood Waters

Boy Scouts Dominic Viet (left) and Joseph Diener (right). Source: Today

While biking with friends, Columbia, Missouri Eagle Scouts Joseph Diener, 16, and Dominic Viet, 15, suddenly heard a voice calling for help.

Upon hearing the cry for help, Joseph told TODAY, “We didn’t know if they were serious or not.”

Seeing a woman in a bathing suit clinging to a basketball hoop that was almost submerged in floodwaters, the Boy Scouts jumped into action.

“My friend Dom was like, ‘I’ll get in if she actually needs help,’ and I was like, ‘OK, because I’m going in,’” Joseph said.

Upon hearing his friend Dominic replied, “We can swim, we’re trained for this.”

Swimming out to the woman, the scouts placed her on their shoulders before dog paddling back to the nearby bank of the crested flood waters.

Describing the swim, Dominic said, “There were some currents trying to pull us down too, because — I don’t know —it’s not normal water.”

The teenagers, both Eagle Scouts, report that they were not currently pursuing any lifeguard skills as part of any scouting projects however, their scoutmaster Morgan Dailey said the scouts might be able to receive honorary badges for their actions.

Dailey told the local NBC affiliate, “There’s a heavy emphasis on being prepared and especially being prepared for emergency situations and this clearly was an emergency situation where there was a young woman that was struggling in the water.”

As for the teens and their parents, they’re grateful that no one was hurt and the young woman is safe.

Source: Today