Doctoral Student Launches Startup to Combat Chopstick Waste

British Columbia resident Felix Böck launches a new startup aimed at curbing chopstick waste by turning chopsticks into artistic décor and furniture.

In 2016 alone an estimated 100,000 pairs of chopsticks were sent to landfills Vancouver, British Columbia daily. 

Now in its fourth year, ChopValue employs approximately 40 people to produce shelves, cutting boards, coasters, and hexagonal decorative blocks, often containing thousands of chopsticks per item.

Böck, a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia, came up with the idea while eating at a Vancouver sushi restaurant with his girlfriend.

In the coming years, Böck hopes to scale up his business operations worldwide.  Currently, ChopValue partners with factories in 10 countries to recycle local wood like chopsticks. As a result of Böck’s innovative approach, more than 32 million pairs of chopsticks have been recycled.

Source: Good News Network