Dad Grows a Two-Story Sunflower for His Son

Douglas Smith pictured in front of his house with his towering Sunflower. Source: Good News Network

When Douglas Smith’s four year old son Stellan asked his father to grow a sunflower “as tall as the house,” the Smiths got more than they bargained for.

Smith, a 42 year old resident of Stanstead Abbotts, England, planted the flower at the end March during the COVID-19 lockdowns in the United Kingdom.  Now, more than six months later, the plant is over 20 feet tall, exceeding the height of his home.

Smith acquired the seed for the sunflower from John Butler in a seed swap. Butler currently holds the record for the tallest sunflower grown in North America. His sunflower stood 26 feet 8 inches tall.

Now, in order to care for the plant, Smith has to climb a ladder that leans against his house just to reach the stem.  Smith said, “I had high hopes that it would still be growing – but I am glad that it’s topped out a bit now.”

Currently, the record for the tallest sunflower is held by Richard Hope who grew his sunflower to a staggering 28 feet.

Despite not being the tallest sunflower, the product manager from East Hertfordshire said Smith’s sunflower is now worthy of the ‘honorable mentions’ list on the website Giant Gardening.

Source: Good News Network