Dad Creates Desk to Help Children Struggling with Virtual Learning

In what began as a Do-It-Yourself project to consolidate his children’s school clutter and create more space for virtual learning, Mitchell Couch has turned into a social media sensation.

A building inspector with over twenty years of carpentry experience, Couch used items around his home to create a few inexpensive wood desks. However, after posting pictures of the desks on social media, he became flooded with from parents requesting blueprints to help them duplicate the desks he created for his children for their own children.

For many parents distance learning has been a challenge. By attempting to enhance the at home learning environment, parents are hoping to optimize their children’s learning experience until they are able to return to the classroom.

In a interview with CNN, Couch said, “We heard from teachers that the kids who have their own space to learn do so much better with distance learning…It’s so much easier to separate home and school life that way. When you’re done with school, you can leave the desk and come eat at the kitchen table.”

Responding to the influx of requests from parents, Couch created a video on his YouTube channel detailing the materials required and step-by-step instructions on how to build the desks.

The video was a hit! “It went crazy,” Couch told FOX26. “I had 200 messages the following morning.”

Family friends of the Couch’s, Karin and David McKinney, who own the local Lemoore California Grocery Outlet, were impressed by the video. After seeing it online, the McKinney’s were inspired to help kids in the community struggling to cope with distance learning.

“They’re home. They’re struggling,” McKinney told FOX26. “We thought, just a place for them to be, a spot for them to have to do their work would be beneficial.”

The McKinneys made Couch an offer he couldn’t refuse: They’d pick up the cost of supplies if he would agree to build 35 student desks.

Couch enthusiastically agreed. Recruiting the rest of his family to assist, Couch’s wife, Janessa, has sanding duty, and his kids join the “assembly line” whenever they can. Thus far, the Couchs have built 40 desks.

As requests continue to pour in, Janessa created a GoFundMe page to help purchase supplies and build momentum.

Beyond the immediate impact the desks provide to families, Couch’s long-term hope is “[people] look closer at their community and realize the most positive change happens in your community.” 

Source: Good News Network