Customers Help Out at Restaurant When Chef Is Left Alone

Source: Good News Network

At a restaurant in Huntly, New Zeland, the term ‘customer service’ has a whole new meaning.

When employees of Thai Food Huntly in New Zealand had a family emergency, the chef was the only employee left at the restaurant. Emily Puhi, one of the diners that day, noticed the lines were a little longer than usual when to pick up her to-go order. 

After realizing the cook was by himself and could not take orders and cook at the same time, she jumped into help. Soon after, another woman suddenly began waiting tables.  Another immediately started helping to wash dishes. 

Emily told the New Zealand Herald, “With the permission of the chef, the worker from next door ran the tills to make sure everyone paid. It was such a beautiful feeling.”

A post on Facebook further described her experience stating, “We could easily feel the sense of community all around the place.”

“Frowns turned to smiles and grumpy waiting turned to patiently waiting. What an awesome place to live in.”

Source: Good News Network