Customer Service Call Creates Personal Connection

When placing what seemed like what would be a normal order for contact lenses by calling 1-800 CONTACTS back in October, Arpi Krikorian made a connection she’ll never forget.

During small talk while the customer service representative was gathering Krikoriani’s information, Krikorian explained the type of global humanitarian work her husband did through the non-profit, Code 3 Angels.

Currently, Arpi’s husband’s work is focused in a border region of Armenia called Artsakh, which is the site of ongoing hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the refugee services that were being provided to help displaced families.

When the call ended, Krikorian expected to receive her contacts in a few weeks and thought that would be the end.  However, to her surprise, “The very next day, I received a personal greeting card in the mail from that customer service rep with $100 donation inside!” said Krikorian.

The card reads:

Dear Arpi and Joe,

Thank you for sharing your story about the mission work you are doing in Armenia. My heart was touched. We live in crazy times. The people of Armenia will be in my prayers. You both will be in my prayers for you to be safe, strong and protected. Thank you for your contact lens orders. We appreciate your business. It was such a pleasure meeting you. This is a small donation. I know you will use it toward whatever will best suit your needs.

Take care!

Lyndi Reed

Krikorian’s experience is a reminder to all of us that blessings sometimes manifest themselves in ordinary encounter and in unexpected places.

Source: Good News Network