Customer Leaves $3000 Tip to Help During COVID

Nighttown, a Cleveland, Ohio jazz restaurant, was blessed to receive a $3,000 tip from one of its patrons. On the eve of closing down to be in compliance with state lockdown restrictions, designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, a customer purchased a $7 beer—then gave a $3,000 tip to help the staff. 

In a Facebook post, restaurant owner Brendan Ring said the man asked that the tip be shared among the waitstaff.

When Ring looked down at the credit card slip the man had left, he immediately ran after him to ensure it was not a mistake.  The man replied, “No mistake, we will see you when you reopen!” 

When expressing his gratitude during an interview Ring said, “unbelievable but symbolic of the kind of quality folks” he and the staff have got to serve.

Source: Good News Network