Crowdfunding Doubles Over Weekend

Cutting edge Christian social media platform FaithSocial sees a doubling in its fundraising over the weekend.

FaithSocial launched its crowdfunding campaign last month. Through this new opportunity users will have an opportunity to become “co-owners,” according to the company’s official announcement letter. Their mission is to be a platform that allows our users to connect with purpose. 

“I believe in this endeavor [FaithSocial] and want to be a part of it,” said one investor.

On the app experience, Christians are able to pray together, grow in their faith, and develop new relationships. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the FaithSocial app also provides users with a web-based experience mirroring many attributes of the app that allows users to remain connected.

When asked why investing is important, Elias said, “To support the freedom of sharing God’s word and build up the body of Jesus Christ.”

Some of the unique features of the FaithSocial platform include connecting believers through the power of prayer, fellowship, and spiritual growth while offering multiple engagement opportunities for Christians to connect digitally. Users are able to utilize prayer circles, read devotions, join groups, attend bible studies, and chat with one another. To learn more about FaithSocial and invest in its mission, please visit