Crime Rate Falls in Australia

Results of a comprehensive report in the Sydney Morning Herald found a precipitous drop in the crime rate in Australia. Prior to 2000, an international crime statistics survey found that among 25 developed countries, Australia had the second-highest rate of automobile theft and the highest rate of burglary.  

Since 2001, break-ins are down by 68%, motor vehicle theft has fallen 70%, and robbery has fallen by 71%. Potential reasons include declining alcohol consumption, more economic opportunities fueled by lower unemployment, and enhanced safety features in cars and at businesses. 

Similar to most other English speaking countries in the developed world, Australia experienced a spike in crime during the 1970s and 1980s. Initially reserved about implementing massive police reforms or showing a more visible police presence on the streets, the government’s decision to shift its approach to policing through the use of comprehensive deterrence strategies has also contributed to declining sales of illegal narcotics.

The decline in crime during the past two decades reminds us that with hard work, no societal problem is too large to tackle with the right leadership and plan.

Source: The Weekend Australian