COVID-19 Lockdown Bringing Fathers Closer to Their Kids

A study released last week, reveals many Canadian fathers feel closer to their kids during the pandemic. Out of the 1,019 fathers involved in the study, 40% felt COVID-19 has had a positive impact on their role as a father, 52% are more aware of their importance as a father, and 60% felt closer to their children.

“If the COVID-19 lockdown accelerates the movement of dads to be more engaged with their children, that could be a lasting benefit from a tragic public health crisis,” said Dr. Larry Goldenberg, the founding chair of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF).

Portrait of father and daughter looking at photographer | Free Photo
 “half of the men said they were more aware of their important role in their child’s life” | Photo Source: FreePik

Managing Partner at Intensions Consulting, Nick Black, said fathers’ increased engagement can take many forms. Ways that father’s are engaging is through eating meals with their children and actively providing guidence in their children’s lives.

President of CMHF, Wayne Hartrick, told CTV News “We’re finding a new revelation of their experience with their children, some of them talked about almost in terms of falling in love with their kids all over again.”

Source: CTV News