Congregation Mobilizes to Prevent Closure

Source: Baptist Standard

After watching two churches in his community close, Pastor David Higgs of First Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas knew he and his congregation had to do something.

Higgs said, “There are plenty of unchurched and lost people in our community. God wants to use this church to reach the nation for Christ.”

Recognizing evangelism was both the road to congregational survival and the call of gospel for disciples, he and the staff of First Baptist attended a the Who’s Your One Tour stop at Mobberly Baptist Church to help reframe the evangelism program off the church.

Leaving the conference inspired, staff began brainstorming how they might be able to revitalize their outreach towards missions oriented evangelism.

“You know, one of the things we liked about Who’s Your One in the context of COVID is that it did not require a big event. Four people can meet together and socially distance if they want,” Higgs said.

After time in prayer and discernment, First Baptist Henderson adopted the motto “Church on Mission” to help them honor God, love people and assist those in their community.

“For me as a pastor, I had no idea if anything would happen,” Higgs said. “We rallied the church to do the Who’s Your One strategy, not knowing if we would reach a single person.”

At the start of the campaign, Pastor Higgs asked church members: “Is it a bad time for a campaign? Well, yeah, it’s COVID time, but isn’t it just like God! So, many people are hurting; so many people need the help and the hope that only Jesus Christ can provide. So, maybe it’s just God’s timing that he’s having our church do this campaign during this time.”

“It made a difference for us. We added evangelism training, and we produced little table tents that we gave to every person to put around in their house that would remind them to pray for their one,” Higgs said. “We put posters around the building. We planned it into a two-month campaign.”

Organizing nightly prayer meetings during the duration of the evangelism campaign the congregation was able to connect with over 40 new individuals.

Pastor Higgs hopes to make Who’s Your One an annual event every fall.

“Who’s Your One helped us organize our church for outreach amid COVID,” Higgs said. “It was a great help to our church to find some traction in evangelism during this hard season. If we continue to do what God leads us to do in sharing the name of Christ with somebody, that’s not failure, that’s success.”

Source: Baptist Standard