Community Rallies to Save Couple’s Wedding Day

The cottage next to a couple’s wedding venue going up in flames. Source: CBS News

The scene was picturesque on the afternoon of Jake and Elizabeth’s wedding.

The couple had rented a cottage on Michigan’s Mackinac Island and were planning to bring together some close family and friends for a vacation after a rough pandemic year.

“The ceremony was perfect,” Elizabeth said.

“Everything we could have dreamed of,” Jake added. 

Until Elizabeth’s father was interrupted at the reception by several of the guests in a frenzy. Calming the room, one of the guests informed the wedding party that the cottage next door had caught fire and they were being ordered by authorities to evacuate.

Stunned by the news Jake said, “I didn’t know where we were going. I just figured we had to walk away from that.” 

Returning to the church where the couple had just exchanged their vows, the party and their guests began praying for the safety of the neighbors.

Their prayers were answered: no one was hurt and thanks to the hardworking firefighters, the cottage next door was saved.

Simultaneously, while the couple was evacuating the reception venue, the chef and catering crew jumped into action. Upon learning about the fire, the chef instructed his staff to take all 120 meals that were partially prepared to a local restaurant nearby.

One staff member recalled, “We just ran with it.”

“We just cooked it, sauced it and off down the street it went,” said another. 

After being cleared by the authorities,the chef and staff served the meals at a local resort that had event space available. However, transit on Mackinac Island is different, because there are no cars on the island.

Powered by sheer determination, improvising and walking from venue to venue, Elizabeth and Jake’s wedding day might not have been the day they planned, but by the end of the night the bride was back to blushing.

Jake said, “To have them pick up the reception out of ashes, in a very literal sense, made the wedding better than we ever could have imagined and one that, while we don’t necessarily recommend, it’s a day and an experience that we’ll cherish forever.”

Source: CBS News