Coal Miner Rescues Passenger After Car Accident

Mercedes Boggs knows just how lucky she is to be alive. During her commute to work last month, Boggs’ car hit an ice patch, flipped on its side, and slid down an embankment before stopping on the banks of a creek.

As cold water rushed in through the smashed windshield, Boggs noticed she was trapped. Suddenly, a stranger appeared heading towards her.

“When I saw him, it was just like everything was fine,” Boggs told WVLT News-8. “I wasn’t even scared anymore. I just knew that that was like my saving grace.”

John Burke, a Kentucky coal miner, noticed the accident while returning home from his night shift. Burke freed Boggs from her mangled vehicle and helped her up the embankment, right as the car burst into flames.

When the ambulance crew arrived and took charge, Burke continued home, but remained concerned about the young woman who he pulled out the wreckage.

After being treated at the hospital, unaware of the man’s name who saved his life, Boggs put a plea out on social media in hopes of finding and thanking the man who saved her:

“… Please please share this in hope to help me find the man that saved my life, I owe him deeply. I would just like to speak to him. Without him, this situation would’ve been much different.”

Within a few hours, Boggs’ post was shared almost 900 times. When Burke saw it, he messaged her.

Boggs said when she spoke with Burke, he downplayed his role in her rescue and didn’t think of himself as a hero.

Boggs told WVLT, “Kids look up to like batman and superman and like those superheroes. That’s how I look at John now. He will forever be my hero. He was the person that saved my life.”

Source: WFTV9