Co-Workers Discover They Are Sisters

Julia Tinetti, 31 and her sister Cassandra Madison, 32 Source: Good Morning America

Separated at birth by adoption, Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison are both from the Dominican Republic. The pair met and bonded at a mutual hangout in New Haven, CT where they both worked. Customers would comment on how the two looked alike.

Curious, the two women compared their adoption records but consistently found they had no relations. When Madison moved to Virginia Beach, she and Tinetti remained close.

After relocating, Madison began digging more into her family’s history; however, Tinetti, not desiring to disturb  the status quo, stopped researching. “Finding my biological family just wasn’t a thing for me. I grew up with a great family, so I just kind of left it to what it was,” Tinetti said.

In 2018, Madison’s adoptive mom gave her a DNA testing kit for Christmas. Using the kit, Madison was able to reconnect with some of her family in the Dominican Republic.

A few years later in December of 2020, a mutual friend of Tinetti and Madison discovered that she had been adopted on the same day as Tinetti in the Dominican Republic. 

Noticing the name “Collado” on one of Madison’s Facebook posts, Sapadin noticed that she and Madison shared the same birth mother.

However, in an unexpected twist, Sapadin’s adoption papers had accidentally been switched with Tinetti’s by the adoption agency. Tinetti, it turns out is actually Madison’s sister and Sapadin’s is their cousin.

When Madison spoke with her biological father, Adriano Luna Collado, he confirmed a second daughter (Tinetti) had been put up for adoption.

“He [told me], ‘It was just a difficult time for your mom and I. So, I don’t like to talk about it. I don’t like to think about it,’” Madison noted.

After the pandemic, both Tinetti and Madison are looking forward to meeting and reconnecting now they know they are sisters.

“Now that I look back on it, this had to happen. We were meant to cross paths like this,” she told the Post, adding with a laugh, “I will forever be her annoying little sister.”

Source: Good Morning America