CME Church Elects New Bishops

Source: CME Church

During the convening of the General Conference of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Cincinnati, OH, delegates elected five new bishops and created an episcopal level office for Development and Grant Procurement.

The conference, which ran June 25 – July 1, included not only business session that would set policy for the denomination over the next four years but also vibrant worship services, presentations, and addresses from religious leaders within the church and special guest designed to help the denomination regain its footing after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many congregations and denominations impacted by COVID-19, the new cultural practices and alignments have presented unique challenges: decreased membership, lower giving levels, increased pastoral burnout, and more. In response to these challenges the denomination elected five new bishops, who serve as the chief pastor over a jurisdiction of congregations to help lead the church in this season.

These newly elected bishops are: Bishop Clarence K. Heath, Bishop Denise Anders-Modest, Bishop Charley Hames, Jr., Bishop Ricky D. Helton, and Bishop Lawson Adjei. Notably, the election of Bishop Denise Anders-Modest represents only the second time in the history of the denomination that a female has been elected to its highest ecclesial office.

The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, familiarly known as the CME Church, was organized December 16, 1870 in Jackson, Tennessee by 41 former slave members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Today the denomination has more than 1 million members organized in over 1000 congregations spanning across 4 different continents.

Source: CME Church