Church Steps In to Assist Government with Flood Recovery

Flood survivors gather at local United Methodist Church in Angola. Source: UM News

In the aftermath of devastating May rainfalls in the Kuanza Norte province of Angola, the Angola West Conference of the United Methodist Church is stepping in to assist families still displaced more than 2 months after the initial flooding.

During an initial visit days after the flood, Agostinho recalled his efforts to mobilize assistance, “We brought 700 basic food baskets, bale balloons (bundles of second-hand cloth), and some biosafety and hygiene kits.”

Under the direction of the conference’s lay leader Laurinda Neto, Department of Agriculture director António Sozinho and Kuanze Norte District superintendent the Rev. Neusa Ndalamba, the conference has registered more than 8000 persons to receive government and church support.

According to Laurinda Elisa, municipality director of social action, family and gender equality, “There is a lot of work to be done here in this municipality. So far, 1,700 families have been registered and are receiving support, out of a total of 8,590 people affected.”

The rain that poured on the city of Dondo, city of approximately 65,000 where flooding led to a cresting of the rivers resulting in the destruction of many homes.

One survivor, Maria Oliveira noted how, “Many families lost all their possessions and saw their homes destroyed by the fury of the waters. Many families are still living the nightmare.”

Currently the residents of Dondo are appealing to the government to accelerate the pace for the arrival of aid.

“We didn’t think it would be like that,” said Francisca André. “What we thought was that it would be rain like any other, that it would not leave any traces of disgrace, that it would not put families in poverty here in our community.”

While the government continues to mobilize aid, the United Methodist Churches across the country are taking collections and sending food to support the many resident who still remain homeless seeking to show grace, love, and compassion, even in the midst of such devastating tragedy.

Source: UM News