Church Partners with Local School

Source: Baptist Press

When Pastor Sam Taylor of Monticello Baptist Church learned about the challenges several teachers in his congregation were having, he decided to mobilize his church.

As the largest employer in Lawrence County, where Monticello is located, the town’s life tends to revolve around the school schedule. Wanting to do something to strengthen the relationship with schools in the area, the church organized lunches for teachers and “snack buckets,” where students can receive a reward in class. Partnering with Monticello Elementary, the church hosts game and movie days for students who demonstrate positive behavior.

In addition, the partnership has been an evangelism tool for the church helping to bring students and their families to the church.

“I’ve had multiple conversations with teachers about what the program means for the students,” Taylor said. “COVID took a lot of the fun things out of school, the times when people were together. For students and teachers to have something to look forward to is significant.”

On movie days, buses carry students to the church for two separate viewings of the same school-approved film during which the church provides popcorn and drinks.

“It’s great to have some fun, get out and celebrate what you’ve done to justify that reward,” Taylor said.

Taylor hopes that by engaging with the children it will not only serve as positive reinforcement to students but also help teachers to know there are people in the community who care about them.

Source: Baptist Press