Church Adopts Airbnb Mode

Since the start of the pandemic, many congregations are finding themselves in situations similar to Cullen’s. Grappling with decreased budget and fewer attendees, congregations around the world are looking for new streams of revenue.

Following the death of Cullen Missionary Baptist Church of Houston’s long serving pastor, the congregation began to struggle financially. Current pastor Andre Jones said, “We had more space than we knew what to do with and didn’t have the people or resources to pay for it.”

So the congregation turned to a new emerging app called Church Space. Similar to the app Airbnb, Church Space allows congregations to rent their sanctuaries, fellowship halls and kitchens to other congregations and organizations.

“Without Church Space, I don’t know if we would still be here,” said Jones. “Those funds and resources that came in have been lifesaving.”

Some congregations at the height of the pandemic rented offices and classroom space for those working and learning remotely. Since March of 2020, Church Space has grown from 45 renters and churches to more than 3,700.

Church Space co-founder Day Edwards said, “We have also unfortunately seen a 200 percent increase in funeral rentals.”

Edwards and her co-founder, Emmanuel Brown, launched Church Space in 2019 in Houston, Texas. On average congregations in the initial pilot program earned $23,000 to $38,000 in their first year, according to Edwards.

Currently, Church Space has about 150 host sites across the United States but tends to be concentrated across the Southeastern United States.

Brown, a pastor by profession before starting Church Space, said it’s a good option to help congregations struggling financially identify additional prospective streams of income.

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Source: Baptist Standard