Christian Podcast Celebrates 5-Years

Source: Catholic News

America Media’s Jesuitical podcast marks its five-year anniversary.

The podcast, moderated by co-hosts Zac Davis and Ashley McKinless, focuses on Catholic news, interviews with influencers, and sharing experiences of faith – “often over drinks,” as the podcast tagline says.

With over a million total downloads and about 40,000-50,000 downloads per month, Jesuitical reaches a global audience who are attracted to the hosts unique blend of Ignatian spirituality and practical application of faith-based principles.

Founded in 2017 in response to the emerging popularity of podcast media, the creators hoped to curate content that would appeal specifically to a Catholic audience.

McKinless said, “We wanted to create a space where there could be conversations about topics in the church that are contested in the modern world and to not be afraid of bringing on people who weren’t 100% certain in their faith or 100% in the church or were struggling with questions of Catholic teaching and their relationship to God and what it means to be a Catholic in the world today.”

The podcast targets a specific audience of young adults who recently graduated, young professionals perhaps involved in campus ministry, theology or youth group and are now living in a new city, where they are struggling to fit into parish life or Catholic life.

“We wanted to create a space to invite people in where we weren’t assuming that they didn’t know anything about the church or that they had questions about the church,” he told CNS. But “they just wanted to hang out and learn some new things, talk about spirituality in an inviting way. I think we’ve hit that market,” Davis said.

Succeeding beyond the host’s wildest dreams, the podcast now has an audience that includes older listeners who want to know what young people “actually think” outside of traditional church settings.

Ending each episode with a faith sharing component called “As One Friend Speaks to Another,” is the faith-sharing part in the show where the co-hosts talk about where they’ve found God during the week.

“There’s really not a corner of the church or culture or politics that we don’t think there’s a way in for us and a way for us to find God working through God’s people in those spaces,” McKinless said.

Source: Catholic News