Christian Author Joins Wall of Moms

Wall of Moms demonstrating at a Black Lives Matter protest on Monday, July 20, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Source: AP Photo/Noah Berger

Christian author D.L. Mayfield decides to join the “Wall of Moms” protesting in Portland, Oregon. 

Organized online less than a week after the shooting of George Floyd, The Wall of Moms is a self-identified network of mothers working to end police brutality.  According to the group’s manifesto, “Our goal is to push the media to turn the focus where it belongs: Black leaders.”

Since the start of the protest in Portland, this group of primarily white women has sought to use their bodies as a barrier that protects the bodies of African Americans.

Despite the criticism the group has drawn from scholars and activists worried that the group’s work will outshine the work of black mothers, the Wall of Moms has nonetheless become an internet sensation. 

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid stated in a tweet, “The Trump secret police never counted on facing this implacable, determined adversary: moms.”

The author of The Myth of the American Dream, a book that argues that many of the core tenets of America are at odds with the teachings of Jesus, Mayfield had been decrying racism prior to the most recent police killings. Mayfield described the Wall of Malls as, “A bit of a PR stunt to get eyes on what’s been going on.”

“I noticed all these police officers in full tactical gear, camouflage, guns, standing in front of the courthouse, and I had made a sign that said, ‘Mother Mary lost her son to state violence’ with a picture of Mary crying.”

D.L. Mayfield

On July 21, 2020, while participating in a Black Lives Matter protest with a chapter of Wall of Moms, Mayfield and her fellow mostly white moms were teargassed while singing and chanting in front of the federal courthouse.

Prior to being teargassed, Mayfield described the protest as peaceful and at times “festive.” “We stood around chanting, listening to music, there’s drums, cowbell,” she said. “It’s a very amazing communal feel. There are these organizations like Riot Ribs, which has been down there in tents grilling food for people. Everywhere you went, people are offering you cold bottles of water or little baggies of baby wipes in case the tear gas comes.”

Since the teargassing of Mayfield and her colleagues, they remain committed stating, “We believe Jesus values Black lives, and in particular the way Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God is always about prioritizing those who are the farthest away from flourishing, from the seats of power, from having their basic needs met.”

Source: Religious News Service