Children’s Books for Easter

Source: Living Lutheran

Looking for ways to share the gospel and Easter story with children. Checkout these recommendations and have a happy Easter weekend.

Looking for Jesus: A Manna and Mercy Easter Board Book

Inviting all fans of ELCA pastor Daniel Erlander’s books and resources: Look no further than Looking for Jesus: A Manna and Mercy Easter Board Book to find an Easter basket gift for the little ones in your life. Brilliant vivid colors have been added to the line art photographs from Erlander’s Manna and Mercy. Mary C. Lindberg has produced a wonderful story that explores the ways we look for Jesus during Holy Week and Easter.  The knowing that Jesus find us is Our happy Easter (Augsburg Fortress, 2021)!

Lift-the-Flap Easter Stories for Young Children

If you’re looking for a children’s book with stories about Holy Week, Easter Day and what happened after, this book has you covered. (With flaps. So many flaps!) This book also includes stories about the Last Supper, Jesus on the road to Emmaus, the cross and the empty tomb, the   beachfront breakfast with the disciples and his ascension. Together with nine stories written by Andrew J. DeYoung and Naomi Joy Krueger, many different covers for little fingers and brightly colored illustrations by Megan Higgins, this will be a year-round beloved paperback (Beaming Books, 2021).

All God’s Critters Sing Allelu

With illustrations by Carol. Herring, you will hear animal noises and Easter “allelu”s abound in pj lyons’ All God’s Critters Sing Allelu. This is the ideal pick for your toddlers who love animals and reading time with their grown-ups. (Don’t they all love those things?) Read it again and again to chime in with the animals in the natural world: “Bow-wow, meow, cocka-doodle-doo! Cheep cheep, tweet, tweet, coo-coo-coo! All God’s critters sing allelu!” For early literacy lovers, it’s a bonus feature: this book contains every phoneme in the English language, so it helps with reading readiness too (Beaming Books, 2021).

We Rise Higher: Poems and Prayers for GraduatesWith graduation just around the corner, spoken word artist and educator Joe Davis offers a compilation of poetry for high school graduates. Inside its 64 pages, you’ll find poems and prayers for joy and celebration, for affirmation and praise, for heavy emotions, and for new beginnings and growth. (The poems within these pages carry hope and inspiration for just about every person!) We Rise Higher makes for a meaningful, faith-based incentive for the seniors in your life (Sparkhouse, 2022).

Source: Living Lutheran