Chicago Restaurateur Donates Tamales to Homeless

Chef Robert Magiet Source: Good News Network

‘The Windy City’ of Chicago is known for its weather. During the winter months when a stiff breeze blows off Lake Michigan, pedestrians feel more like popsicles. For workers with outdoor jobs, staying warm is a top priority. 

One day Chicago restaurateur, Robert Magiet, spotted a shivering tamale vendor braving the cold while he was driving across town. On the spur of the moment, he decided to make her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Instead of letting the woman freeze, Magiet bought all her tamales so she could get out the could. Next, Magiet began distributing the nearly 10 dozen tamales to Chicago’s homeless population

Taking to Facebook, Magiet wrote: “Anyone know of any Tamale Cart vendors that will be out this weekend in the cold weather?” he posted.

“I went to Yolanda near Humboldt Park and bought her out so she could go home today. I’d love to do the same for other Vendors and distribute the Tamales to our Neighbors experiencing homelessness. Let me know of any leads please.”

As suggestions poured in, for the next couple of days Magiet bought all the tamales from vendors at various locations across down and continued distributing them to the homeless.

No stranger to helping Chicago’s homeless, Magiet opened the Love Fridge in June of 2020, a community food pantry outside his TaKorea Cocina restaurant in partnership with other local restaurant owners.  For Thanksgiving, the restaurants prepped and delivered 1,300 Thanksgiving meals for the needy.

During the Christmas holiday, Magiet partnered with Jason Vincent, owner of Logan Square eatery Giant, to stock and man a food truck serving breakfast and lunch to the homeless.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune Magiet remarked, “It’s like, I have a restaurant. I have food. I know people who have restaurants and food. Let’s help people who need food.”

Source: Good News Network