Charitable Donors Giving More

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic recession, and subsequent social unrest, Schwab Charitable donors have increased their philanthropy in the first half of 2020 have increased by roughly 50% making January through June of 2020 one of the most generous philanthropic seasons on record.

Their donations support more than 100,000 charities, allowing Schwab Charitable to award more than 330,000 individual grants that support both a COVID-19 crisis relief and individual donor’s favorite charities.  According to Kim Laughton, President of Schwab Charitable, “The last six months have been incredibly challenging, and I am truly inspired to see donors utilize their donor-advised funds to help communities and nonprofits impacted by health, economic, and social crises.”

Transcending generation boundaries, Schwab charitable reports all generations are giving more, with the most being to the Salvation Army, Doctors Without Borders, Feeding America, and Planned Parenthood.

As the duration of the pandemic lengthens and more families become impacted, Laughton noted, “It is very encouraging to witness heightened levels of generosity from donors of all ages in supporting nonprofits across the philanthropic landscape this year.”

Source: Good News Network