Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Raises $21.5 Million to Support Unemployed Restaurant Workers

Food Network celebrity Guy Fieri has been hard at work spreading awareness about the plight of restaurant workers during the pandemic. 

In response to the unprecedented levels of high unemployment, during the past seven weeks Guy has raised more than $21.5 million to help unemployed restaurant workers. Some have even said he’s done more than the U.S. Congress to assist the struggling hospitality industry.

The longtime TV host of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives made personal pleas to large corporations like PepsiCo, Uber Eats and Moët Hennessy USA, to support his Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

Started on March 27, 2020 as the pandemic was just getting under way, the non-profit has worked to help more than 43,000 restaurant workers “who have suffered financially due to the COVID-19 health and economic crisis,” by offering $500 grants to restaurant workers in every state.

More than 78% percent of all grant recipients reported making less than $50,000 annually in the restaurant industry prior to the pandemic. As the U.S. and global economies continue to stammer back towards more stable footing, the recipients of the Fund’s grants are extremely grateful.

Source: Newsweek