Celebrity Chef Delivers Catholic High School Commencement Address

Source: Catholic News Service

Following a trip from his native Ukraine, celebrity chef José Andrés addressed the graduating class of Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, Maryland with remarks they will never forget.

Sharing lessons he has learned from more than thirty years in the restaurant business, the world famous Spanish chef said, “Every one of you girls has something within you that can help the person next to you or your family or your community. You can feed the world, not just with food like me, but with what you know and with what you are good with.”

“Like I fed the hungry, look within your heart to find your light, find what you are good at, and be ready to feed the hopes of people. We need you to do that,” he continued.

Looking at the 95 young women, among them was his daughter, Lucia, who had just received her diploma from the all-girls Catholic school, Andreas could not help but smile.

“Class of 2022, you should be so proud of what you have achieved. This would be true in any year, but after the last two years of this pandemic that has separated you from each other and from your teachers, what you have done is a super big deal,” he said, adding, “You have overcome adversity in your own way. These skills you have learned are also part of your education.”

“You know, I am a cook. I like to think of it as changing the recipe. If you don’t have the ingredients you need or if you don’t have the right pots or pans, what you do, people, is easy. You don’t follow the recipe. You adapt. You change the recipe.”

Andrés is the founder of World Central Kitchen, a partnership between restaurants and chefs that sends teams to prepare food for communities in the aftermath of natural disasters. Founded in 2010, following an earthquake in Haiti, the World Central Kitchen is has been active in combating food insecurity in more than 38 countries.

Source: Catholic News Service