CBF Shows Resilience Abroad

Despite the debilitating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S.-based humanitarian aid organizations remain committed to helping depressed communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sam Harrell, associate coordinator of Global Missions at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) noted, “Our U.S.-based field personnel working with migrants, immigrants and refugees, as well as those working in rural and urban spaces, continued as best they could, given safety constraints.”

With approximately 60 field personnel serving in 19 countries, CBF is focused on “bearing witness to Jesus Christ, seeking transformational development and cultivating beloved community…The God of creation is concerned about every aspect of our being, including how we treat each other, ‘the least of these’ and all creation. We believe in ministering to the whole person, body and spirit.”

Working cooperatively with ministry partners in each of the countries where personnel serve, CBF has made a mark by seeking to be in relationship as equals with those whom they provide services and invest long-term in communities.  This sometimes takes the form of learning local languages and customs, participating in communal events, and witnessing the love of Christ in daily interactions.

By focusing primarily on education, community health, drilling water wells, building schools, utilizing solar power capture technology, and practicing sustainable farming, CBF partnerships have been life giving during the pandemic by providing institutional apparatuses that undergird daily life.

Source: Baptist News