Canadian Ranger Helps Family Make Safe Trip to Alaska

Gary Bath and the Marchessault family. Source: Good News Network

Army wife Lynn Marchessault became a damsel in distress when Canadian snowy weather conditions made driving to Alaska impractical for the native Southerner.

Despite equipping her pickup truck and trailer with snow tires, the intensity of the worsening winter conditions as she continued driving further north made her extremely uncomfortable.

Not wanting to risk harm to her family, Marchessault pulled off the road and bivouac at a highway lodge that had been set up to house temporary workers.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, Marchessault’s husband was unable to assist her, forcing Marchessault to send a message out online asking for help.

Marchessault’s message was seen by local Canadian Ranger Gary Bath and his wife, Selena from Fort St. John, British Columbia. Despite the distance of more than 1,000 miles, he was determined to help Marchessault and her two young kids reach Alaska.

Bath told CBC News, “I didn’t care how far it was, I just knew they needed help and they had a few short days to hit the border before they were going to get in trouble.”

In addition to the stressful driving conditions, as a ranger, Bath knew Americans are only allowed a certain grace period to reach Alaska from the lower 48 states to Alaska.

Bath and his wife Selena loaded their car with supplies for the trip and met up with Marchessault at the inn.  Confident in her husband’s abilities to safely get the Marchessault family to their destination, Selena returned home, while Bath and the Marchessault began their journey to Alaska.

After safely transporting the Marchessault family, Bath was prepared to begin his journey home.  However, due to Bath’s network of fellow rangers, the news of his exploits had spread and they were able to successfully raise the airfare for Bath to return home.

Bath says he was just glad to be able to help out.

Marchessault commented, “We are forever grateful to Gary and I’m thankful to his wife for bringing him up and loaning him out.”

Additionally, Marchessault and Selena Bath really hit it off.  The two are hoping to renew the friendship when the family heads back south.

Source: Good News Network