Bride Creates Tactile Dress for Husband

Kelly and Anthony Ferraro walking down the aisle at their wedding on October 2, 2021. Source: Today

When Kelly Anne Ferraro began her process of looking for wedding dresses, she knew she wanted something more than the standard dress. Ferraro, engaged at that time, wanted to create a dress that would allow husband-to-be, Anthony, who is blind to feel how she looked.

Visiting multiple bridal shops, Kelly eventually settled on a design she saw at Loulette Bride in Brooklyn, New York.

The couple initially met while at a function in New Jersey where Kelly was plus one on a date with her sister, who at the time was dating and is now married to Anthony’s best friend in 2017 .

Kelly had just arrived back from a trip to Thailand and Anthony was returning from judo training in Japan. The two became inseparable.

Anthony said, “I was like who is this? I felt a connection. She spoke her mind, too, and was very direct.”

“I had heard a lot about Anthony through my sister when they mentioned their blind friend. I met him and didn’t really know how blind he was and thought, ‘This guy doesn’t look blind, whatever blind looks like,'” she said. “There’s this stereotype that is in your mind. He looked like everyone else and was walking around.”

So on October 2, at their outdoor wedding in Maine, Kelly wore an ethereal white dress decorated with tactile textures and designs. Walking down the aisle, Anthony, a Paralympian in judo, musician and motivational speaker, said he was overwhelmed the moment Kelly reached him at the altar.

He remarked, “Once she gets to me, she puts (my) hands on (her) dress. My mind was blown and I started crying. Tactile stuff is really big to me. It creates an image of what you look like in my head. Kelly looked like an angel.”

Anthony continued his description, “It had a velvet strip around it and these lace things. Embroidered flowers from a soft cotton. Her back even had a texture. To top it all off, she surprised me with this amazing custom jacket she put on later and had this crazy fringe hanging off her arms.”

The effort not only left Anthony impressed but deeply touched.

The reception also included tactile experiences. Held in an outdoor tent, poles were bubble wrapped and decorated with flowers to help create memorable experiences of the various locations through the pavilion.

Describing their day as perfect, Anthony and Kelly later watched a video of her putting on the dress. During the video while listening both broke into tears grateful to know they have each other.

Source: Today