Brazilian Entrepreneur Creates Eco-Friendly Pet Beds

Source: iHeartdogs

Despite the benefits of engaging in sustainable practices to protect the environment, far too often sustainability is not the priority for many. Perceiving this trend in his community, Brazilian artist Amarildo Silva began converting discarded tires into pet beds.

Silva got the idea while travelling through the Brazilian countryside and in his community seeing large numbers of discarded tires and lots of stray dogs curled up in old tires. Cleaning the tires thoroughly, he then proceeds to paint them with bright colors adding styles such as them with bones and paw prints. Next, he adds homemade beds and pillows into the tires to create a unique and adorable bed.

He then places them throughout the community creating spaces for the dogs to congregate and rest. Initially, the beds were intended for stray dogs, however, Silva soon notice a that a number of animals were using them to avoid the elements. On the recommendation of a friend, Silva began selling the beds to dog lovers in the area.

Giving his new company the name Caominhas Pets Oficial, Silva launched an Instagram page that now has almost 13,000 followers, including a substantial following outside of Brazil. One day he hopes to be about to expand his operations to offer worldwide distribution, but is content with the success he has found locally thus far.

“I would like to make an appeal to some company or investor who believes in my work, so that we can have more people buy the sustainable product, and everyone will be doing their part with environmental awareness,” said Silva.

In the meantime, Silva continues to search for new ways to promote sustainability. To learn more about Silva’s business and see images of his dog beds, please visit the Caominhas Pets Oficial Instagram page.

Source: iHeartdogs