Boy Scout Rescues Couple & Dog

Source: CNN

12-year-old Boy Scout David King of Hawaii embodied his organization’s motto to “be prepared” when out hiking with his mom Christine near their home in Kailua he encountered a lost couple.

The couple was attempting to aid their dog, Smokey, who had injured his paws. Upon seeing the couple and injured canine, David jumped into action. He told CNN. “It wasn’t obvious (that something was wrong), but then the dog was on the ground, and we asked if they needed anything and they said yes.”

The couple had exhausted their water, smartphones were dead, and their dog Smokey’s paws had been cut so badly from the trail he was unable to walk. Initially the couple thought to carry Smokey, but the blue nose pit bull weighed almost 100 pounds.

As nighttime approached, the couple feared being trapped in the dark, uncertain where they were.

Tapping tapped into his Boy Scout skills to come to the rescue, David applied the skills he had acquired in the process of earning his First Aid merit badge he created a carrier using sticks from a large tree that had recently fallen with shirts laced between them to carry Smokey back to safety.

David commenting on the ordeal said, “To help someone using my Boy Scout skills makes me feel accomplished because it shows I’ve learned something and it wasn’t all in one ear and out the other.”

David recommended that when anyone goes hiking to remember these 10 essentials: a pocket knife, a first aid kit, extra clothing, rain gear, a flashlight, extra food, extra water, fire starting essentials, sunscreen, and a map of the area (preferably with a compass).

In following days David and his mother followed up with the couple to see how Smokey was doing and were pleased to discover that he had made a full recovery.

Source: CNN