Box of Bibles are the only thing to survive shed fire

A Texas homeowner says the discovery was stunning, but not completely unbelievable to him after a fire burned his storage unit to the ground 50 feet away from his home taking with it pretty much everything inside except a cardboard box full of Bibles.

“You know it’s almost stunning,” the homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified, said.


“But the Bibles, they were dry as a bone.”


“Just that that is what is left. I come from a family of strong Christian belief. It’s still is so hard for me to put it into words. “

The storage shed fire broke out Saturday afternoon off Galaxy Road in Speegleville.

The homeowner said his daughter discovered the fire when she looked out a window of the family’s home.

He said he did what he could to try to keep it under control under the Speegleville Volunteer Fire Department got on scene, including Assistant Chief Kevin Merritt.

“When we got there it was fully engulfed. The roof had caved in, the walls had caved in,” Merritt said.

The firefighters were able to put out the fire in about 15 minutes.

Merritt said the building and everything inside including such things as power tools, baby clothes, and dishes appeared to be a total loss.

The homeowner thought the same until he begin to sift through the ashes Sunday afternoon.

“Over in the far right corner there was a charred cardboard box,” he said. “It was fairly close to where the fire started in the building.”

“We pulled the top piece of cardboard off and in there was 10 different bibles my mother had,” he said.

The homeowner said the discovery was extremely emotional to the family, especially his mother, because several of the study guides and Bibles belonged to her late husband.

“There was nothing else in the building that wasn’t damaged or half-melted,” the homeowner said.

“But the Bibles, they were dry as a bone,” he said.

The homeowner said while he never expected to find the Bibles unscathed in the ashes he’s not entirely shocked.

“People say they don’t believe in higher power or believe there is God out there but to me with that fire, the devil can try and take everything away but through the storm, you see the one constant right in front of you. The bible, the word of God is still there.”

Source: KWTX