Beatles Legend Helps Promote Healthy Eating Habits

After a year in lockdown, the popularity of gardening has skyrocketed, particularly in urban areas. Fueled primarily by millennials between the ages of 18-34, urban gardens have more than doubled – and it’s understandable.

Home gardens save money, reduce grocery bills, help the environment, promote sustainability, and allow owners to incorporate healthy eating habits into a holistic exercise regimen.

According to Linda McCartney Foods, 70 percent of adults want to grow produce at home. The biggest barrier most people face though is: lack of space. To help these aspiring gardeners Linda McCartney and her husband Paul McCartney of the popular British Rock & Rock group the Beatles created ‘Grow Your Own with Linda’s’ initiative.

The initiative focuses on gardening in urban spaces throughout the U.K. by providing resources, tips, and even delicious recipes. Commenting on the initiative Paul McCartney said, “We’re so pleased to bring this initiative to people across the UK and continue the legacy of kindness that Linda set out with for her veggie food company 30 years ago.

“Through this project, we hope we can empower more people across the UK to try growing, and eating their own. Dig in and have fun.”

Currently, the top 10 most popular produce items grown at home are: Tomatoes, Herbs, Strawberries, Carrots, Runner beans, Onions, Apples, Green beans, Raspberries, and Cucumbers.

Source: My London